1959 house

We recently bought a 1959 Mid Century Modern Atomic Ranch House in the west suburbs of Cleveland Ohio. It was a brutal, agonizing process filled with problems and many false starts. we finally made a move to a better house, neighborhood, city and school district. The house was built in 1959 in a Modern Ranch design with post and beam construction. situated in a bedroom community west of Cleveland and surrounded by many other Modern Ranches.

The home was purchased from a crotchety old woman who took poor care of the house and made a lot of poor remodeling decisions. AS crumbling chimney and an exterior that had not been painted in 20-25 years. In October of 2013 we moved in only to be overwhelmed by the immense task at hand.

The previous owner had done some very sloppy and improper repairs to the walls in the main living room/ dining room, which involved painting over drywall that had not been primed and painting over the original 1959 maple cabinets in the kitchen.

We have since painted the exterior, repaired the chimney, replaced two exterior doors (will post more on this later) repainted the kitchen cabinets and repaired drywall and are in the process of painting the living room/dining room.

all of this takes IMG_0974 IMG_0973 IMG_0952precious time away from my art! (more…)

Elroy Artspace show "Our Friend the Atom" March 1st

Media Contact: Joe Staskerz, Owner, Elroy Artspace Gallery
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Show Preview:
Edwin Wade | Our Friend the Atom Solo Exhibition | March 1 through April 30, 2012 Elroy Artspace Gallery | 300 SW 6th (Downtown PDX) Opening Reception – Thursday, March 1st, 5-9pm
Elroy Artspace Gallery Announces ‘Our Friend the Atom ‘, a Solo Exhibition of Fine Art Serigraphs by Edwin Wade at The Original in Portland, OR
Portland, OR (March 1, 2012) — Elroy Artspace, a Gallery of Modernist Art is pleased to announce Our Friend the ATOM, a solo exhibition of fine art serigraphs by Edwin Wade. In the artist’s first exhibition with Elroy Artspace, Our Friend the Atom, Wade presents a series of hand-pulled original serigraphs which explore the juxtaposition of Marlboros, Martinis and Hysteria associated with the Atomic Era of our nation. “While the world built monuments to modernism and lounged with highballs – a very eerie feeling of ‘Atomic Paranoia’ was just behind the curtain,” Edwin says of the series inspiration, “How something as small as the Atom; something we can not see with the naked eye, effects the entire world – to me that’s fascinating”.
World Wars and the splitting of the atom,” Wade tells of his work, “I deconstruct the source material that drove the great mid-century artists and apply my own aesthetic, arriving at some of the same conclusions.” Edwin uses no shading or modeling of form in these pieces, “allowing the importance of the line to shine through” he says. “I make hundreds of sketches to find the correct line that will add flow, proportion and harmony to a piece. The lines are an integral part of the design and philosophy reflected in my work, furthering the connection between nature and man’s depravity.”
Edwin Wade studied Studio Art at Youngstown State University, and today works out of Zygote Press, a fine art printmaking co-op in Cleveland, Ohio that provides all the tools & equipment artists have used for hundreds of years. “Zygote allows me to educate and enrich my artistic endeavors in a collaborative environment” Edwin shares, and here he focuses on Serigraph and Monotype printmaking with the occasional etching or linocut, as well. Edwin lives in a Mid Century Modern split-level ranch in Cleveland, which serves double duty as his painting and design studio.
Elroy Artspace Elroy Artspace is a gallery of modernist art whose mission is to enhance the human experience by introducing fine, fun art to those concerned with bringing color and beauty into the home and workspace.
For Media inquiries, additional information regarding Elroy Artspace Gallery, Elroy Art Agency or Edwin Wade artwork sales and leasing, please contact: Joe Staskerz, Owner, Elroy Art Agency: Joe@ElroyArt.com (503) 609-0503 http://www.ElroyArt.com.
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